Women have the confidence, skills and support to follow their aspirations.
Health and Wellbeing
  • 1:1 counselling
  • 1:1 Mentoring and coaching
  • Family counselling/therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Health and Fitness including fitness sessions such as Zumba Fitness and free Health Checks & Personal Diet and Fitness Plans
  • Health and Work
  • ESOL for Health
  • Confidence Building Workshops
Social Connectedness
  • Drop in Sessions
  • Arts & Crafts Support Group
  • Volunteering & Work Placements
Training & Employability
  • ESOL for Work (Building Better Opportunities)
  • ESOL Courses
  • Computer Courses
  • Hair & Beauty Courses
  • Functional Skills

Referrals to and from other organisations

We can refer people to other organisation for welfare benefits, immigration matters, advice and guidance for further training and employment, ESOL, IT advanced courses, work placements and other services.

We also hold various community events throughout the year