Women's Experience at Aspiring Futures

Women who have accessed our counselling service say:

“I was able to talk about my personal issues.”

“Built my confidence so I could get out of the house.”

“I feel relief and it helps you to gather your thoughts.”

“I feel better about myself.”

“I felt it was ok to talk about my feelings and thoughts without being judged.” (To put in the loop)

“I was able to rationalise, reason and prioritise what was important.”

“Coming to Aspiring Futures has helped me to settle my past issues and memories.”

“Learnt to take every day as it comes.”

One of the volunteers describes her experience with Aspiring Futures as;

“I feel as though it has widened my knowledge, allowed me to gain first-hand experience in working with service beneficiaries and also understand how staff have a clear and coherent plan. I have learnt a lot about how it is within a work environment through discussions with my supervisor and staff meetings.”

Case Studies

Volunteer  - White British 30+

Joined Aspiring Futures as a volunteer in February 2014. Although she had been in employment previously, she had spent the last 7 years being the sole carer for her mother. After being with us for 5 months, she was offered a full time job in July 2014 as a Care Worker.

When she came to Aspiring futures, she had recently lost her elderly mother whom she had been looking after on a daily basis. Emotionally she was coming to terms with her loss and grieving.  She needed a work focus and a supportive environment to be in. Being out of work for many years had impacted on her confidence and self-esteem, but she was now at a point of rebuilding her life. From her application, she had come to Aspiring Futures to help others, use her spare time productively, and gain new skills, rebuild her confidence and experience.

English Language Sessions - British Indian 70+

Had been referred to Aspiring Futures by a family member; she was disengaged with no friends outside her immediate family (her husband passed away and grown up children moved away). She didn’t have any English speaking and writing skills, she didn’t know the alphabet. She wanted to improve her quality of life, become more independent and confident. She has been coming to Aspiring Futures for the last year. She has shown commitment and self-motivation. She has gained basic English speaking and reading skills, she can now form basic sentences and is developing English writing skills. She has gained confidence in her own abilities and skills. She has made friends within the group and out of the sessions.

Health and Fitness Sessions - White British 50+

Has been with us for about 2 years and has thoroughly enjoyed our Zumba Fitness Sessions, her body co-ordination and balance is poor but with the challenge of the exercise class she is making steady improvements. She has thoroughly enjoyed socialising.  She has also encouraged 2 of her friends to attend Zumba sessions. She says that the sessions has helped her to maintain her weight, tighten her skin and build her self-confidence. She now has a job as a Carer.  Her job role requires her to cover a large geographical area, she does not drive so she has to walk great distances.  She feels that the exercise classes has helped her to keep fit and enabled her to walk various distances.  She has asked her employers to leave Thursdays free to enable her to go to her Zumba classes. 

Counselling/ Psychotherapy - Female 40+

1-2-1 Sessions = 18

The presenting issue was past trauma of domestic, sexual and physical abuse, the feeling of guilt. There were issues around self-worth, fear of rejection and hesitation to start a new relationship. Through counselling she was able to explore her emotional vulnerability and anxiety; she was remembering the incidents when she stood up for herself and was abused by her ex for that. She was starting to see that the guilt and regret she was living with was not justified. The client felt that she had become self-aware and was more in control of her personal and professional life because of the psychotherapy she received.  She feels that she has become more analytical about her feelings and she is able to make a psychological connection between her experience and her feelings that has not only given her a self-awareness but also helped her to understand others (she is starting a new relationship). She said that this therapeutic relationship has provided her the holding and she has learnt to value herself.

Computer Skills and Job Search Support – Female 40+

The goal for this beneficiary was to increase her household income and gain financial independence and social respect. Multiple barriers were identified such as low confidence, English not first language, lack of computer skills, unemployed and unable to apply for online jobs by herself as she had no IT skills. At Aspiring Futures she attended employability skills workshops for the speakers of other languages, basic computer course and also received one to one Job search support; she was encouraged to learn to use the computer with confidence and without assistance. She was trained in using the online Job Match and make contact with the potential employers. She received support from various relevant staff members at Aspiring Futures throughout her stay with us. The beneficiary has gained paid employment with a local employer.